Peter Piper is a Rock band from Modena, Italy. The history of the band dates back to mid 2014 when lead singer and occasional guitarist Giack Bazz (a.k.a. Federico Giacobazzi) reformed a band with guitarist Francesco Battilani and drummer Federico Bedostri; members of a previous acoustic project called “The Leftovers”. During the first semester of 2014 the singer wrote something like a dozen songs and wanted to arrange them with a band. Later on that summer the trio felt the need to add a second guitarist and contacted Marco John Lupo, a guitarist that lived in the same town as Giack. The two already shared a band experience some time before, being both students at the same music school. In July 2014 they managed to book a concert for early September. During the following months, the process of re-imagining the songs brought to a result much more harder than expected, conveying the sound into a rock perspective. Francesco Battilani then contacted Federico Salvarani, an old friend and bass player, for a trial in the band, and to prepare at best for the upcoming concert. After that first gig the 6th of September 2014, the band decided to go on with this line-up and changed the name officially into “Peter Piper”, as a tribute to Pink Floyd’s first release and borrowing the name of the beer they shared to seal the deal.

The band then started composing songs altogether and released a first unofficial demo in March 2015, a live recording session in late 2015 and released the first Official EP in November 2016 called «Temporary Surface», featuring 5 songs written together between november 2015 and march 2016. The title hints at the fact that this first release is just a first step on a long path, as the band is still searching for a Record Label to publish their astounding Full Length.